Current Litters

Rabbits are amazing living, breathing animals and so much fun. We have sales policies in place for the benefit of the rabbits and to clarify expectations prior to purchase. All rabbits sold are categorized as either pets, meat breeders or show/brood stock.

Our online sales contract is for PETS ONLY and can be filled out here: Sales Agreement.

If you are wanting to purchase meat or show rabbits, please Contact Us.

For a full, printable copy of the purchasing agreement, you can download that here:

New Zealand Litters (Purebred)

Mixed Breed Litters

Rex Litters (Purebred)

Coming soon! We’re adding Standard Rex to our rabbitry!

We love to support the future of responsibly raising rabbits by encouraging and helping youth.
Please inquire about youth discounts if you participate in a youth club!

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