Wattsville Rabbitry was founded in 2020 and is family-owned and operated in South Central Pa. Our daughter had been asking for a rabbit for a long time and the answer was always no, until we realized rabbits can have a purpose too. So we began raising rabbits as a sustainable protein source.

Of course we have plenty of pets at this point too. Whether you are looking for your next beloved pet, a therapy animal to bless yourself and others, a 4-H or FFA project for your student, or a nutrient source you can feel confident in, we support you and hope our family rabbitry helps you on your journey! We’ve been blessed to find something we all enjoy doing and want to share the joy of raising rabbits with you too (except the butchering part – no one ever likes that.)

So have a look around and reach out when you’ve found something we can help you with. We look forward to working with you!

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