Another Fair, Another Experience

A neighboring town has a fair every year that I always thought was bigger than our County Fair. It’s not, but it’s a big deal anyway!

Jessie had so much fun at the last fair that she wanted to enter again. Thankfully we fell in the qualifying residential area, but most of our County does not. That gave her a whole new group of rabbits to compete against, and she had double the competition in her class. I don’t know if she was expecting a win or not, but the bigger the classes get, the less I expect to win. Not because we don’t have an awesome rabbit, but we have no idea what we’re doing!

We had a different experience right off the bat. The people were friendly and talkative, the cage set-up was nicer and we weren’t sharing a barn with the poultry so it was quiet! The coordinator was super helpful, took the time to ask Jessie if she had questions and interacted with people all throughout the show. She even brought a crockpot full of shredded rabbit in barbecue sauce so people could try rabbit meat!

The judge obviously loved what she was doing. She talked to the kids about each thing she saw, took the time to make each of them feel like their bunny was important and explained meat pens to the spectators. One class had 23 rabbits and she finished by saying how much she loved judging that class because it was a challenge to pick the winners.

I’m not sure if it’s because we could actually hear her or if she actually gave a lot of feedback, but I felt like we learned so much more from watching this judge than the last. Maybe it’s because the class was larger too, so there were more rabbits to compare and listen to the analysis of each one. Regardless, it was a great show experience!

Walking away with another big win makes it fun too, of course. And she came in Reserve (2nd) for Best of Show this time!

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