You Can Eat Rabbit?!

This often comes as a shock to people. I know it shocked our family when we first heard about it. But, if you think about it, hunters have been eating rabbit for centuries. Raising them just means you’re able to control what they eat, what diseases they are exposed to, how they’re treated and the age when you dispatch them.

Rabbits were one of the most common home-grown protein sources for many, many years, especially during times of economic hardship. They are able to be raised in small spaces, make no noise and most municipalities have no ordinance against them. People in large cities often kept rabbits because of these reasons.

We get asked all the time “how can you eat something so cute?” Well, first, with gratitude for their life and God-given purpose of providing my family nourishment. Second, the same way I eat any other meat, because quite frankly I find cows, pigs, and many chickens pretty cute too. I also find plants beautiful and appreciate them for the nutrients they provide. It’s all in how we look at something and what we choose to focus on.

We’ve done the best we can to make sure the bunnies are happy and healthy as they grow. I know for a fact that the same care isn’t given to the meats we buy in the supermarket. We play with them, talk to them, care for any infections or wounds they might get without the use of antibiotics or medicines and feed them a varied diet. When we dispatch them, we make sure they are calm and not in a stressed state. This is how we want to raise our food, and being small and cute is just a bonus because we’re able to enjoy them as they grow.

If you’ve ever considered raising your own source of protein, I encourage you to look into it some more. It may not be right for you, but knowing your options will help you make the best choice for your needs. Who knows, maybe you’ll find a hobby you truly love along the way.

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